Signatrol SL7000 Series Data Logger

Signatrol SL7000 Series Data Logger

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The SL7000 data loggers have a very flexible combination of inputs from a single temperature up to 4 universal inputs each which means they can be individually configured with the software to accept any combination of the following input types: 

RTD / Pt100
Thermocouple (Types J, K, T, R, S, B, N) with isolated tip
Various Thermistors
Cu Sensors
Ni Sensors

All SL7000 data loggers have an internal temperature sensor and a digital input which can be used as a trigger to start logging or as a pulse counter for interfacing with flow meters or other sensors with a pulse output.

The SL7000 itself has an internal temperature sensor, and a pulse counting input. Unlike the others, it does not have an LCD display. This logger is commonly used for interfacing with flow meters with a pulse output. The SL7102 has an LCD display, internal temperature sensor and two universal inputs. These can be configured in the software provided for any sensor combination listed above. The SL7104 is by far the most common configuration. The SL7104 has the advantage over the SL7102 in that it has four universal inputs, so can accept four temperature sensors or four 4/20mA signals or in fact, any sensor combination. The SL7105 is the model with the most input combinations. It has internal temperature and relative humidity sensors, pulse counting input and four universal inputs.

An optional internal relative humidity sensor with ±2% accuracy is available on all units as well as an optional external temperature and relative humidity sensor.  All SL7000 series data loggers are 
supplied with a single computer license of our TempIT-PRO software. 

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