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SIGNATROL Data Loggers

Status Instruments offers the below Signatrol Traditional Data Loggers and associated equipment:


SL50 Series Data Loggers

Our entry level data temperature data loggers. Miniature temperature data loggers, only 17mm diameter and 6mm thick. These data loggers are available with two measuring ranges, -40C to +85C or 0C to +125C.
SL50 Series Accessories

A range of accessories for the SL50 series data loggers. The accessories include wall mounting brackets, key fob holders and a ranges of protective enclosures to protect the data loggers in aggressive environments.
SL120 Series Data Loggers

The SL120 Series of data loggers are very small and compact in design - only 60mm long - and provide an accurate record of temperature or process signals, depending upon the model chosen.
SL150 In-Transit Temperature Data Loggers

Temperature data loggers in sealed, robust and hygienic housings. Constructed from food grade materials, the SL150 series are ideal for monitoring food or pharmaceuticals in storage or transportation.
SL7000 Series Data Loggers

Probably the ultimate data logger! Available in a number of configurations from a simple internal temperature sensor through to four universal inputs that accepts almost any signal.
SL960 Series High Precision Data Loggers

High performance, high accuracy pressure data loggers. Also available with ATEX approval.
Thermal Barriers

Thermal barriers are used to protect the data logger as it passes through the process. Used for both hot or cold applications, the thermal barriers allow through process data logging without trailing wires.

TempIT Data Analysis Software

Our flagship configuration and data analysis software. For use with the SL50 series, SL120 series, SL130, SL150 series and the SL7000.

Download TempIT 4_V4_0_70 Software

Note: If you plan to use TempIT Pro software with a Dongle connect the Dongle to your computer AFTER loading the TempIT V4 software onto your computer.

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