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SIGNATROL Wireless Data Loggers


spYdaq - Low Cost Wireless Monitoring Solutions


spYdaq is a system comprised of a number of radio transmitting sensors that measure parameters and sends them securely by using a license free radio network to a central Basestation. The data are sent using a Manchester Encoded error correcting code with multiple transmissions which, when combined with Antenna Diversity, ensures there is no loss of data in normal use from a properly installed system. Up to 16 transmitters can communicate to a single base station with each transmitter capable of having up to three inputs: Temperature, Relative Humidity or Universal (Universal inputs can be configured to accept almost any type of measurement sensor). The base station collects the data from the transmitters and connects via an RS232 serial port configured as a Modbus slave to our spYview software or any other Modbus master. There is also a USB port used for initial configuration of the base station using our spYconfig software.

The wide range of inputs offered by the universal transmitter design enables virtually any parameter to be measured and logged by connecting an appropriate sensor. Parameters that can be measured and logged are:

• Temperature
• Humidity
• Pt 100
• Thermocouple Types J, K, T, R, S
• 4-20 mA - Scaled in engineering units
• Voltage
• Contact Closure

The Basestation checks locally for alarm conditions with inbuilt audio and visual alarms as well as providing a switched contact output that can be used to trigger external devices. Alarming locally means that potential trouble spots can be quickly detected and corrective action taken immediately, perhaps saving an entire batch from damage.

Product Specifications

Base Station

Power Battery / Mains: 10-28VDC
Supplied with 100/239VAC mains adaptor
Ports USB for configuration and RS232 Modbus slave
Alarms Audio, LED, Contact Closure
LED Displays 1 per transmitter indicating transmission received and / or alarm condition
LCD Display 4 line, 20 character displaying system and alarm data
as well as real time values
Antenna Diversity Selects the strongest signal from 2 antennas

Radio Frequency

Transmission Frequency 915MHz ( Two frequencies are available to allow two independent
systems to be run side by side)
Transmission Rate Switch selectable - 20s, 1min, 10min, 30min
Encoding Multiple message, Manchester Encoding,
Error correcting code and checksum
Range >100m typical inside a building (10mW power output)

Transmitter Specification

  Input Type / Range Accuracy
Power Internal Lithium Primary cell. Typically 6 Years life
@ 10 minute transmit rate
Ambient Temperature -30C to +55C 0.5C
Relative Humidity 0 to 100%RH 2%
(10 to 90% RH)
Universal Input Pt100 BS EN60751 -200C to +550C
JISC -200C to +550C
Cu100, Ni100, Ni120
-80C to +100C
0.2C 0.1% RDG
4/20mA 0 to 21mA 5uA 0.1% RDG
Thermocouple Type K -200C to +1370C
Type J -200C to +1200C
Type T -210C to +400C
Type R -10C to +1760C
Type S -10C to +1760C
0.1% FSD + 0.5C
0 to 10 VDC 0 to +10VDC 10mV 0.1% RDG
Contact Closure On / Off n/a


Call (800) 700-3272 for literature and pricing.  If you prefer to ask for information via the internet use the "REQUEST INFO" button at the top of this screen or e-mail = bm@statinst.com.

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