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MEDACS II - Applications Guide

Multi Pump
Level Control
Level control in sewage lift stations is normally provided by two or more pumps, with a level controller to tell the pumps when to start and stop.
Level #1 Continuous level measurement in process vessels can be problematical when critical high and low alarms are required, but the level system is unable to guarantee a reliable signal at the extremes of span due to coned bottoms or minimum ranges.
Level #2 Continuous level measurement in vessel containing solids can cause problems due to angles of repose from filling cycles.
Level #3 Continuous level measurement in process vessels can call for high accuracy linearization.
Flow #1 MEDACS can interface with any level transmitter output and linearize any vessel shape, with up to 60 co-ordinate pairs for straight line interpolation, or up to a 15th order polynomial for highest accuracy. Alarms serial communication, local display etc. are all standard.
Flow #2 Accurate measurement of flow over a wide flow range can be problematical due to the turndown of the flowmeter providing inaccurate measurement at extremes of span.
Flow #3 Flow control, to ensure a constant flow to a process is often achieved by regulation of a valve or penstock. The valve position is governed by the output from a signal from an upstream flow sensor. Direct control, and even PID control can cause the valve to hunt.
Flow #4 "No Flow" alarm.  A single channel MEDACS with analog and relay outputs is used with an OEM acoustic solids flow sensor.
Flow #5 MEDACS can be used with almost any level sensor to measure "head" upstream of a flume or weir.
Flow #6 MEDACS can be used with almost any sensors to measure differential.
Flow & Level #1 A Dual Channel MEDACS can monitor "overflow to storm" in a Storm Sewer Overflow (SSO).
Dewpoint #1 Dewpoint measurement can be critical in a number of manufacturing processes.
PID Control #1 MEDACS can provide full three mode control, by downloading the TFML function from our website.  This can be used for all types of heater control, with a choice of analog or relay output dependent on application.
Temperature #1 The universal input to MEDACS will allow a temperature sensor input, RTD or Thermocouple, to be conditioned without additional devices.
Temperature #2 Critical control or monitoring of a process variable may require "dual validation" where two sensors are used to ensure contingency in the event of a sensor failure.
Temperature #3 Monitoring of temperature may require only peak, valley or average temperature to be recorded.
Density, Level, Temperature #1 MEDACS offers flexibility. In this application in a brewery, raw level, pressure and temperature inputs are being conditioned to provide linearized level, volume and temperature.


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